Assemble générale 2019 Association 3 Hérissons


Association 3 Hérissons organized the AG meeting with all its regular members in Mazan. 

A annual recap has been shown to all participants by the board, with future project and plan being discussed. 

Online courses on sustainable develoment for children will be key for further development. 

It’s been decided that in 2020 Association 3 Hérissons will spend more resources on content development  for online courses and finally create a summer camp for international youth to come to France, ideally create an event like Future vessel to raise biodiversity awareness.


Here is below our recap

2019 Annual report Association des 3 Herissons

Previous actions


January – February


Association Hérissons joined Globetree to Africa (Nairobi) with a group of global youth/children for the Future Vessel event to kick off preparation for the celebration of 50th Anniversary of UNEP. Future vessel represents the wishes of the youth for the future of our planet and our society. Each of our hard-working participant had done a great job creating unique visual and artistic presentation of their personal views and collective ideas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Each of our children and youth had a chance to demonstrate their great work to The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström. The masterpiece created by the children and youth was moved to the UNEP headquarter Children’s Place for permanent exhibition.


A few days later during an official visit the French president Mr. Macron also visited this great piece showing children's hopes.


Association des 3 Hérissons organized one ocean conservation activity with students from primary schools in France. Students did research and debate on possible solutions to solve marine plastic pollution, including source control, waste management and control of transboundary plastic waste movement. We took the chance to introduce the undergoing international discussion e.g. under UNEA and Basel Convention.


Association des 3 Hérissons launched its 2019 nature philosophy workshop topic list, which include topics on Minamata Convention on Mercury, marine plastic litter and microplastics, plastic waste and e-waste transboundary movement, Basel Convention, chemical and waste pollution, biodiversity importance and loss, Convention on Biodiversity, UNESCO world heritage sites, and climate change (including e.g. UNFCCC, Paris Agreement), Africa ecology, wolf protection.





President Li and Camille went to Geneva to attend the fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention (BC COP-14) with a particular focus on the plastic and e-waste discussion. We, alongside with peer NGOs, endorsed BAN's Responsible Guideline on e-waste under Basel Convention. We agree with other endorsing organizations that by removing broken, hazardous electronic equipment, which are claimed to be for repair, from the waste definition without substituting any other means to ensure Basel norms including trade transparency, prior informed consent, environmentally sound management, or the rules created by the Basel Ban Amendment, the existing guideline undermines the fundamental pillars of the Basel Convention.



2 trips to Mont Ventoux with the Marseille foreign kids association for biodiversity education. Small hike (but intense) followed by a course about uniqueness ancient forest near Marseille





Association des 3 Hérissons received an Invitation to Roundtable Discussion: UN@75 & Agenda 2030: For Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement. This Roundtable discussion will be held during most of the year episodically.




Sea trip with kids in the PELAGOS Sanctuary near Nice. The sea trip organized by Assocaition des 3 hérissons included an educational action (i.e. mini conference plastic pollution, consequence and solution on board). At sea, kids learned to identify different species of cetaceans according to their morphology, their color, their speed of movement, their behavior within the group. Kids were taught about different modes of feeding, reproduction, migration etc. And stressors to their survival was also introduced, accompanied with the means that are and could be implemented to protect them. We will definitely consider doing this activity as often as we could.



Association des 3 Hérissons organized 5 tours in South of France for international students from China and Australia to discover different protection Programme in France, to raise awareness of the importance of nature reservation, the threats to biodiversity including from climate change and pollution.


Association des 3 Hérissons also tested our newly designed tour with wildlife discovery and art practice with one group of students. Placed visited included the palace of the popes, UNESCO world heritage; Pont du Gard, UNESCO world heritage; Mont Ventoux, UNESCO MAB; Parc régional des Monts d'Azur; Reserve biologique des Mont D'Azur with a local artist Jean that spend a lot of energy and passion to teach art and art practice to those children.





In order to update our NGO status upon suggestions from UNEP, an extraordinary assembly was organized to discuss and to vote on the new status. It was approved unanimously.


No major changes apart from 2 major points which have been implemented but not yet added to the older version:


Action about 17 SDGs (Mettre en oeuvre des actions en faveur des objectifs de développement durable sur la base des 17 Objectifs de développement durable (ODD) établis par les Nations unies. Spécifiquement sur les objectifs 13 (Lutte contre les changements climatiques), 4 (Accès à une éducation de qualité), 15 (vie terrestre).)


No discrimination act into our association (L’association s’interdit toute discrimination sous quelle forme que ce soit (genre, âge, religion, orientation sexuelle, origine, etc.). L’association veille au respect de ce principe et garantit la liberté de conscience pour chacun de ses membres.)





Association des 3 Hérissons cooperate with Marseille Foreign kids Association to organize Biodiversity courses near Marseille city once every 2 months. The aim is to increase awareness about local biodiversity and its protection. This time Sainte Baume near Saint-Zacharie, one of the oldest preserved forests in France, was visited to deliver the education course.




UNEP Youth and Education Alliance application. Association Des 3 Hérissons submitted application to join the UNEP Youth and Education Alliance. We look forward to collaboration and communication with other organizations, institutions and networks on nature and environment education. We would like to greatly thanks Melissa to her huge participation on this action, clearly without her help it would not have happen.




A trip to Cheval Blanc was co-organized with the Marseille foreign kids Association. The visit to the cave and introduction of its micro-climate makes it very unique and definitely fun for everyone





November - December

Three members of Association Des 3 Hérissons members attended the Third meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP3) in Geneva! Minamata COP is about mercury pollution and its solution base cooperation. It’s a capacity building trip to help volunteers to understand better international environment policy so that they may pass the knowledge and experience to children and youth in the future.


Association des 3 Hérissons started teaching courses about sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and 17 SDGs in a new school in Avignon. Twice per month for youth 3 to 6-year-old.


Association des 3 Hérissons prepared a draft plan for regular online courses to any students interested in sustainable development, Agenda 2030, and 17 sustainable development goals, including climate change and biodiversity.


Association 3 Hérissons organized the AG meeting with all its regular members in Mazan. An annual recap has been shown to all participants by the board, with future project and plan being discussed. Online courses on sustainable development for children will be key for further development. It’s been decided that in 2020 Association 3 Hérissons will spend more resources on content development for online courses.



Below please find a non-exhaustive list of conferences, seminars (online/offline) and trainings participated and contributed

4th Conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society

Tromso, Norway. 11-13 February 2019

Movement Ecology of Animals GRC

Lucca, Italy. 3-8 March 2019

6th Young Natural History Scientists' Meeting

Paris, France. 12-16 March 2019

Unifying Tropical Ecology

Edinburgh, UK. 8-12 April 2019

14th Ecology & Behaviour Conference

Toulouse, France. 19-24 May 2019

nternational Conference on Community Ecology

Bologna, Italy. 4-6 June 2019

International Society of Evolution, Ecology & Cancer

Hinxton, UK. 16-19 July 2019

International Congress for Conservation Biology

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 21-25 July 2019

European Marine Biology Symposium

Dublin, Ireland. 25-29 August 2019

Conservation Optimism Summit

Oxford, UK. 2-4 September 2019

Resistance '19 - the science of pesticide resistance

Rothamsted Research, UK. 16-18 September 2019

Wildlfie Research & Conservation 2019

Berlin, Germany. 30 September-2 October 2019

Ecological Society of Australia 2019

Launceston, Australia, 24-29 November 2019

International Coral Reef Symposium

Bremen, Germany. 5-10 July 2020

International Mountain Conference 

12 Sep 2019 University of Innsbruck - Austria

Our Forests, Our Future 

26 Apr 2019 Charlemagne Building - Brussels, Belgium

Plans for 2020

For the next year a huge effort will be placed into the modification and optimisation of our education modules and their contents.

We are going to further pursue partnership and collaboration in environmental conservation and nature education

A summer camp for international students to gather in France to raise awareness on biodiversity is under preparation. We would like to take the chance to inform students of cop 15 of CBD in China, a historic COP to decide on the post 2020 biodiversity framework,