What is unique in Provence with us

Nature Discovery and Education

Ecology: forest ecology, ecology of mountain lake, marine ecology, food chain, herbivore cognition, carnivore cognition, plant cognition

Life: Nocturnal exploration of natural sensory experience, the relation between man and nature, enhancement of the five senses (smell, view, hearing, touch, sensation)

Survival: Survival training, Camp behavior, Animal Tracking, Star observation

One view is that participants are at their "rawest" level when outdoors because they are "stripped" of many of the conveniences of modern life. Participants can become more aware that they are part of a greater ecosystem and are not as bound by social customs and norms. In essence participants can be true to themselves and more able to see others as people regardless of race, class, religion etc. Outdoor education also helps instill the basic elements of teamwork because participants often need to work together and rely on others

What We Have

French, German, Spain, Netherlands and international environmental protection organization with other non-profit organizations which we have long-term cooperation with

  • Collaborative research and development (online and offline

With contents of International Environmental Nonprofit Organization, experts and researchers work in collaboration with 3 Hérissons for public education.Offline, three hedgehogs regularly cooperate with school students to ensure courses;Online, we are currently developing online educative video project and live streaming course.

  • Volunteer action

Volunteer projects with different non-profit organizations, each child is given opportunities to practice different volunteer activities, including animal nurseries discovery, farm experience, animal care, plant inventory, artwork repair, etc.

  • International conferences and other courses

International nonprofit experts directly involved for:

Climate Conference and other international conference revealed;

Participate in the international conference negotiation expert experience sharing;

Internationally renowned research institutes live stream