About Us

"Nature is even more marvelous than we thought. Nature strengthens our senses, strengthens our attention and reduces the probability of physical and mental illness. Nature is very important to our community, our family, ourselves and especially our children 。"

Ginger - 3 Herissons

Association des 3 Hérissons translate into three hedgehog associations, it is a non-profit organization specializing in environmental education in Provence region of southern France.

The concept of environmental quality education promoted by the three hedgehogs combines nature education and public wellbeing. 3 Hérissons emphasizes on field-based education and uses the nearby nature to maximize the awakening of the curiosity of everyone toward the environment. In order to encourage children's personal development, we aim to build knowledge, artistic enthusiasm, curiosity, community life, assurance in themselves and appreciation to others; we want each child to find inner peace when facing fears, difficulties and competition.

We cooperate with different local environment protection and nature awareness actors for voluntary activities to actively contribute to the protection of the environment. Each kid will contribute to protect the environment therefore they will understand more about how important nature, community and teamwork are.

Our Goals

Nature Education

Environmental education refers to organized efforts to teach how natural environment function. The courses mainly happen in South of France outside to inspire sensory, mental awareness and sharpness. 

Environmental Conservation Education

We cooperate with nonprofit organizations that are engaged in animal protection, environmental protection and cultural heritage protection in Europe and Africa, with foundations to practice environmental and humanistic protection such as volunteer action. Finally, we collaborate with international non-profit environmental organization and non-profit environmental educator to promote in school quality educational material

Our goal is to encourage and motivate young people to behave, understand, protect and get along with their natural environment. We also want our children to learn how to use in a comprehensible and sustainable way the nature.

Statement of Mission and Scope of Work of Association 3 Hérissons

Association Des 3 Hérissons is a French headquartered non-governmental organization dedicated on environment protection and nature education for youth and adults mainly in France and China. Through our commitment to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development and Agenda 2030, as well as our education and public awareness raise obligations as listed under Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).

Association 3 Hérissons seeks to:

·       Identify the state of nature and environmental education in France and China

·       Follow scientific, technology and policy progress in nature education, environmental conservation & sustainable development through activities including participation at academic and policy conferences (e.g. Conference of Parties of MEAs)

·       Establish, polish and implement education programs to raise awareness on nature conservation and sustainable development to enhance connection between nature and general public, with a particular focus on children and youth, their parents and teachers

·       Set up training and international exchange projects in France and China to redistribute knowledge and help capacity building in stakeholders about specific skills (e.g. investigation of pollution, wildlife watching and conservation, environment-and-climate-friendly life style).

·       Work with other stakeholders and partners to enhance access of general public, particularly children and youth, to environmental education that is rich, meaningful, and relevant to their needs

On areas of:

-     Sustainable development & Agenda 2030

-     Climate change

-     Chemical and waste management, including Persistent Organic Chemicals (POPs), heavy metals (e.g. Mercury), plastics and its transboundary        movements, ozone-damaging chemicals, electric and electronic wastes and chemicals in consumer products etc.

-     Environmental pollution and health

-     Biodiversity and wildlife conservation (e.g. conservation work on  wolf & bison in Europe)

-     Ocean conservation

-     World heritage sites