Basel Convention & 3 Hérissons


Endorsement of BAN's Responsible Guideline on e-waste under Basel Convention

On behalf of Association 3 Hérissons, joined our peer NGOs to endorse The Responsible Guideline on Transboundary Movements of Used Electrical and Electronic Waste to Promote an Ethical Circular Economy under the Basel Convention by Basel Action Network (BAN). This Guideline will be publishedand available at the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention which will be held in Geneva from 28 April to 9 May 2019. 

We agree with other endorsing organisations that by removing broken, hazardous electronic equipment, which are claimed to be for repair, from the waste definition without substituting any other means to ensure Basel norms including trade transparency, prior informed consent, environmentally sound management, or the rules created by the Basel Ban Amendment, the existing guideline undermines the fundamental pillars of the Basel Convention. 

We urge Parties to refuse to finally adopt the latest draft version of the Guideline. Instead, we encourage that all responsible governments and stakeholders make use of BAN's "Responsible Guideline" instead of the corrupted "official" one. In this way Parties and others can uphold the original intent and purpose of the Basel Convention and ensure the environment and peoples of developing countries are protected from unwanted and dangerously polluting imports of hazardousmaterials.