South tour focus on wildlife!


We organized 6 tours in South of France for international students from China, Portugal, Canada with some of their parents to discover different protection Programme in France.

The purpose of these tours were to raise awareness of the importance of nature preservation, the threat to biodiversity and from climate change and pollution.

We also emphezise on other topic in accordance to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the U.N - Life on land - life under below the water - responsible consuption -  

The palace of the popes, UNESCO world heritage; 

Pont du Gard, UNESCO world heritage; 

Mont Ventoux, UNESCO MAB; 

Parc régional des Monts d'Azur; 

Reserve biologique des Mont D'Azur; 

Parc National du Mercantour; 

la région de Nice, 


la zone de protection du Pelagos en Méditerranée.