Conference à Pekin 2018


Nous avons participe à une conférence sur l’éducation de collégien à Pékin. Double conférence sur le thème de l’éducation digitale et l’éducation à l’environnement. 

Grand merci a Mme. Peng pour nous avoir permis d'y participer et d'avoir laisser Ginger s'exprimer ! 

We participated to an educational conference in Beijing for second grade student. The conference was about digital education and environmental education

We shared our experience on teaching French children and youth in class about environmental pollution, such as heavy metal (e.g. Mercury), plastics, electronic wastes and climate change. Meanwhile we also showed the wolf protection, bison protection and ocean conservation projects we did in France.

Big thanks to Miss Peng to invite us and let Ginger spoke.