Summer Tour South of France


Summer Tour South of France

During this summer, 3 Hérissons association in cooperation with a Chinese local nature conservation association went on a very special journey nearby Nice.

We explored national parks, which contain many of French most treasured landscapes, we learnt about natural resources, from the stars over our heads to the rocks we walked through, and touched by everything in between. We enjoyed being free children in the wild by jumping into the water and flying in the sky. We discovered environmental issues, which affect our joint planet and how we address them with our friends and neighbors. We met ocean conservation activist to discuss environmental pollution and health issues, which raised our awareness on importance of sustainable development.

These meaningful, nature-based experiences highlight the unique beauty of South France and the work done to preserve and conserve the area's natural resources and natural resource-based economy.

By seeing wolf, marmot, fish, typical insects, lots of different butterflies, bison, deer, wild board to explore by feet forest and lake, everyone could realize that we share the nature with others species and we are just one of them. By working with animal veterinaries and local environmental activists who were kind enough to share their knowledge about their daily job, especially on biodiversity and wildlife conservation on wolf and bison, everyone understands how near and easy to do something to protect the nature.

"The near landscape is valuable and lovable because of its nearness, not something to be disregarded and shrugged off; it is where children are reared and what they take away in their minds to their long future. What ground could be more hallowed?"

Frank Fraser Darling, BBC Reith Lectures 1969 Wilderness and Plenty

Chinese people in this group were extremely focus on the knowledge of nature and have a strong commitment to protect nature. We are deeply impress by their curiosity. Maybe that is part of the power from nature also. We truly wish more people could join us to discover and protect the nature. Everything start by getting into the nature near you.