Association 3 Herissons Signed to the NGO Open Letter to Demand for Stricter Standards on Plastic Waste Trade under Basel Convention


On September 3-6th, UN delegates will gather to decide whether or not to ratify an amendment that Norway has proposed to reclassify plastic waste under the Basel Convention, which would take the first step towards accountability and control of the plastics trade that we so desperately need. 

Coordinated by GAIA, NGOs prepared an open letter to be delivered to government representatives around the world, calling for more transparency and regulation in the plastic trade. 

Association 3 Herissons feels honorable to make contribution and join our 50ish fellow colleagues to make the appeal although we are not able to join the OEWG physically this time.The open letter are prepared in English, French, & Spanish.
We would also like to draw attention to the Fact Sheet on how the waste trading impacts southeast Asia After China import bans.