2018 Rapport d’activité




January - February

President Li with the help of Melissa redesigned and updated the syllabus "Nature Courses for Children and Youth".

Camille and Ginger started to organize meetings between French officials and Chinese officials to create a partnership in nature and environment education.

Camille designed a brochure of the Association 3 Hérissons in French and English - President Li translated it into Chinese.

Association 3 Hérissons started to add content based on sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and 17 SDGs into the monthly nature education courses to primary and secondary schools in France. (Schools in Carpentras, Mazan, Sorgue and Sault.)


Association 3 Hérissons launched its 2018 nature philosophy workshop topic list, which include topics on Minamata Convention on Mercury, marine plastic litter and microplastics, plastic waste and e-waste transboundary movement, Basel Convention, chemical and waste pollution, biodiversity importance and loss, Convention on Biodiversity, UNESCO world heritage sites, and climate change (including e.g. UNFCCC, Paris Agreement).

Association 3 Hérissons organized one ocean conservation activity with students from primary schools in France, students did research and debate on possibilities of solving problem of plastic pollution in ocean, including source control, waste management and transboundary plastic waste movement.


President Li with the help of Daniel from Passion Nature joined the French Wolf Protection Programme.

Association 3 Hérissons started its wolf conservation activities in Mont Ventoux.

Camille did an interview about wolf conservation in Mont Ventoux, and finished a documentary about the wolf protection in Mont Ventoux.

Regular nature education courses to French schools.


Association 3 Hérissons officially launched its Nature Philosophy courses.

Camille and Ginger had a meeting with famous French Philosopher Laurent who specialize in Children Education.

Association 3 Hérissons passed a child care training in Avignon.

Regular nature education courses to French schools.

1 trip to Mont Ventoux with the Marseille foreign kids about diversity. Small hike followed by a course about uniqueness biodiversity that can be only found in Mont Ventoux.


Association 3 Hérissons organized 6 tours in South of France for international students from China, Portugal, Canada to discover different protection Programme in France, to raise awareness of the importance of nature reservation, the threat to biodiversity and from climate change and pollution. The palace of the popes, UNESCO world heritage; Pont du Gard, UNESCO world heritage; Mont Ventoux, UNESCO MAB; Parc régional des Monts d'Azur; Reserve biologique des Mont D'Azur; Parc National du Mercantour; la région de Nice, Monaco and la zone de protection du Pelagos en Méditerranée.


President Li with Isabelle mainly focus on the preparation of and accreditation application with Minamata Convention COP2 meeting in Geneva.

Camille was in charge to create education material on Minamata Convention on Mercury, marine plastic litter and microplastics, plastic waste and e-waste transboundary movement, Basel Convention, chemical and waste pollution, biodiversity importance and loss, Convention on Biodiversity, UNESCO world heritage sites, and climate change (including e.g. UNFCCC, Paris Agreement)

Regular nature education courses to French schools.

3 Hérissons cooperate with Marseille Foreign kids Association to organize 1 time per 2 months Biodiversity courses near Marseille city. The goal like last year is to increase awareness about local biodiversity. This time we went to Sainte Baume near Saint-Zacharie, it’s one of the oldest preserved forest in France.


Gymbaby, a Chinese education organization specialized in early child development, visited 3 hérissons's office and farm. During the visit, we had a meeting with local official from La COVE (La Communauté d'agglomération Ventoux Comtat Venaissin) to exchange experience on early child education in China and France, with a focus exploring potentials on sustainability, nature and environment education.

Regular nature education courses to French schools.


Association 3 Hérissons attended Second meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP2) held by United Nation Environment in Geneva.

President Li represented Association 3 Hérissons attended the 5th China Nature Education Forum in Chengdu, China.

President Li did nature education sharing in 4 different schools in Beijing, China.

Association 3 Hérissons officially got the invitation to the event organized by Globetree in Kenya in the UN Environment headquarter - Prep kick-off conference for united nation environmental program to celebrate UNEP 50 year on world environment day in 2022.This event will happen in 2019 February.

1 trip to Cheval Blanc with the Marseille foreign kids about diversity. The visit of the cave and the micro-climate make it very unique and definitely fun for everyone


Association 3 Hérissons provided 5 online courses to Chinese students about sustainable development, Agenda 2030, and 17 sustainable development goals, with climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution as prominent examples.

Association 3 Hérissons organized the AG meeting with all its regular members. It was held in Mazan. A big recap has been shown to everyone by Isabelle and Ginger, with future project being discussed. Members wish to have more opportunity to participate in and/or observe international conference. Nature philosophy for children will be a key for further development and for a better child development Programme. Big thanks to Julien and Daniel for the organization.

Association 3 Hérissons provided sharing on Minamata COP2 to primary and secondary schools in France. (Schools in Carpentras, Mazan, Sorgue and Sault.)



Seminar and web training


Strengthening China Europe Water Innovation Cooperation

The coordination and support action PIANO (Policies, Innovation and Network for enhancing Opportunities for China-Europe water cooperation), funded by the EU Programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020 will present its main achievements in Brussels on 15 May 2018.

The project conducted a comprehensive landscaping (mapping, scoring and ranking) of European and Chinese water innovative technological solutions on the five research areas focused by the project: agricultural, municipal, river basin, industrial water management, water for energy.

It has also identified drivers, barriers and possible strategies for European SMEs to improve business exchange in the Chinese water market and elaborated a shared Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) which identifies need and priorities in the EU-China cooperation in the water sector and sets out the direction of future collaborative actions engaging public and private partnerships.



5th FAERE Annual Conference

The aim of the FAERE annual conferences is to promote the production and dissemination of research in environmental economics. Are welcome all the theoretical and applied works, on topics that include - but are not limited to - biodiversity, fishing, agriculture, forestry, water, energy, climate, pollution, health, green growth, or the bio-economy.



WEBINAR - Bad plastics, good plastics: Can PHA from wastewater reverse the trend?

The INCOVER project invites experts in the area of bio-plastics to critically examine the market available for PHAs produced from wastewater. Some of the questions addressed will be:

Which uses and markets exist for PHAs produced from wastewater treatment plants?

What would trigger the uptake of wastewater-based PHAs by the market?

How can sustainability and affordability come together to make this possible?



Webinar - Global Environmental Education Partnership: Building bridges to create a global learning network

The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) is a learning network designed to champion and advance environmental education (EE) around the world. The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) serves as secretariat for the GEEP, in partnership with the U.S. EPA and EPA Taiwan. Since 2014, the GEEP has been working to build bridges among EE stakeholders; share effective practice; demonstrate the value and impact of EE as a tool for achieving the SDGs; support and mentor a new generation of leaders; and promote innovation.


Arctic Circle Assembly

The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic bringing together more than 2000 participants.

On the agenda:

highlight the EU's engagement in the Arctic research,

highlight the role of the Horizon 2020 Programme in the support of the EU Arctic Policy,

inform about the H2020 topics for 2019 related to the Arctic,

showcase major EU funded research and innovation actions by giving visibility to the EU Arctic research cluster



Climate policy and forest bioeconomy

The European Forest Institute's autumn Think Forest event aims to provide a better science-policy understanding of the path towards reaching the Paris Agreement, and how it is connected to future bioeconomy development. Key questions explored during the meeting were:

How are climate targets and policies related to bioeconomy development in the future?

What does the recent science evidence say about the mitigation impacts of substituting wood-based products for fossil-based products?



Missed opportunity


Strengthening relationship between French school and Chinese school on sustainability and nature education. It has been decided that we will keep looking for more opportunity

Creation of a series of sustainability and environment education videos for Chinese students. More time and energy will be given to this project during the second half of 2019.



Plans for 2019


-          We will prepare for and join the UN Environment 50 Years Anniversary Celebration kick-off event (organized by Globetree) at UN Environment headquarter in early 2019

-          More Nature discovery and conservation education tour for 2019

-          Strengthen Chinese-French friendship school Programme to facilitate nature and environment education

-          Improve online education courses

-          Plan and organize students summer education programmes in France or other Europe bases, focusing on sustainability, culture and nature education

-          Further develop online sustainability and nature education contents (video - article - courses)

-          Minamata Convention COP 3

-          Accreditation with UNFCCC