Limit global warming with solar geoengineering - 6 ideas


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To decide on something we first need to know them well.

Geoengineering is a hot topic with quite some controversies, with relevant policies under discussion on different level. But what is geoengineering? Is it only abstract idea to you or some examples might come immediately into your mind?

Don't worry. Recently Carbon Brief published an explainer of six ideas to limit global warming with solar geoengineering. It gives a very clear explanation from aerosol injection, marine cloud brightening, high-albedo crops and buildings, to less-familiar ocean mirror (microbubbles, seafoam), cirrus cloud thinning, as well as the Si-Fi feeling space sunshades.

Association 3 Herrisons holds a conservative attitude towards the large-scale application of any technology that with scientific indication of risk of irreversible and destructive effects on the planet, particularly when there are other better options to solve the problem. We would keep an eye on the science and policy development of geoengineering.