Country-alliance calling for a "Paris Agreement" for chemicals and waste


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July 18, at the UN's high-level political forum (HLPF) on sustainable development in New York, an alliance formed by Ministers and vice ministers from eight countries was formally launched to push for a global agreement on managing chemicals and waste. The alliance aims to mobilise political engagement for more effective global management of chemicals and waste.

It's a critical time for global mechanism on sound management of chemicals & wastes, as the mandate for the current UN's non-binding framework - The Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) - is set to be expired in 2020 and therefore an intersessional process has been established for stakeholders to explore options beyond 2020. Whether SAICM should continue, or be replaced with an alternative framework, as an opportunity to seek a legally binding agreement beyond 2020?

"After [the] launch, I am overwhelmed by the great support that the Alliance has already received at this early stage, and I am hopeful for our continued work," said Ms Karolina Skog, Sweden's environment minister.

As one of the key environmental issues that we are following, Association 3 Herissons will keep a close eye on the development. And we would encourage ministers from other sectors, e.g. Heath as well as Finance, to get more closely engaged into the discussion and join the movement to further mainstream sound management of chemicals & wastes, an issue of utmost importance to every individual.

The 8 countries are: Sweden; Switzerland; Zambia; Norway; France; Germany; Finland; and The Netherlands.

For more information, please refer to the Chemical Watch report.