Fishing on High Seas are Dominated by Wealthy Nations


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Reporting in the journal Science Advances, U.S. researchers analyzed 22 billion data points from satellite tracking devices on fishing vessels with the help of artificial intelligence. The authors discovered that an astonishing percentage - 97 percent - of high-seas fishing is controlled by wealthier nations. The ratio was 78% even within the 200-mile exclusive economic zones of less-wealthy countries for all trackable fishing activity. Government-sponsored subsidies to fishing fleets in wealthy nations have contributed to their dominance, said the co-authors. The finding vividly sheds light on the uneven distribution of increasingly scarce marine resources, depriving local populations of crucial food and income.

Please refer to the original Science Advance research paper and this piece of Yale e360 digest for more details.

(McCauley (2018) Wealthy countries dominate industrial fishing. Science Advances, Vol. 4, no. 8, eaau2161. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aau2161)