One Consequence of Heat Wave, a Glaciated Swedish Peak Lost Its Nation’s Tallest Title


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Europe has experience a record-setting heat wave this year. The glaciated peak of Kebnekaise Mountain, Sweden's highest mountain at 6,909 feet tall a few year ago, lost 13 feet of ice and snow from July 2 to July 31 2018, and therefore has now become the country's second-tallest mountain, Swedish scientists say.

It looks a piece of amusing news, but the fact that the glaciated peak on Kebnekaise in far northern Sweden has been steadily losing ice in recent years is alerting. "This glacier is a symbol for all the glaciers in the world," said Stockholm University geographer Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist. "This whole environment is melting, the snow is melting, and it affects the entire ecosystem: the plants, the animals, the climate, everything."

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