Deep Sea Reef Found Off the U.S. East Coast, will they be well protected?


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Curiosity always drives scientists towards new discoveries, like the massive coral reef discovered in the Amazon River mouth in very recent years.

A massive previously -unknown deep-sea coral reef was recently discovered by a group of scientist, stretching at least 85 miles long off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. It sits in complete darkness about a half-mile below the ocean surface and is teeming with Lophelia pertusa, a stony coral species, and a variety of other hard and soft corals, several news outlets reported.

Lophelia pertusa, a reef building coral, was growing atop skeletons of old coral colonies, which indicate that the Richardson Ridge reef has been there for hundreds of thousands of years. The scientists say the reef likely plays a critical role in the health of the region's fisheries and must be protected from oil and gas development

With major engineering projects (lots of which relates to fossil fuel extraction & sea mining) and global climate change, coral reefs are suffering, including probably the most famous one in Great Barrier Reef. They are a common good for all humans, not only for its aesthetic value, but also a huge treasure for us and future generation to explore.

Association 3 Herissons sincerely hope that the US government could protect this new area well. And hopefully global leaders could mover steady and fast forward to curb global warming.

For more details please refer to NOAA webpage & the e360 report.