German court orders suspension of Hambach Forest clearance


10.05 #climate change #forest

Plans by RWE to destroy most of the remaining forest to make way for an extension of a lignite mine have triggered long-running protests by activists, with several living in the woodlands in tree houses for more than six years to block clearing activities. A petition that Association 3 Herissons has signed to was sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel today urging her to intervene in the escalating crisis over the future of Hambach forest, and commit to a swift and just phase out of coal in Germany.

On the same day, a court in the western German city of M√ľnster told energy concern RWE that it must desist from clearing the 12,000-year-old Hambach Forest until a lawsuit brought by environmental organization BUND, the German branch of Friends of the Earth, has been decided. In its lawsuit opposing the forest's clearance, BUND has argued that the area falls under the EU's Habitats Directive because of its population of Bechstein's bats. The Habitats Directive aims to conserve endangered native animals and plants in Europe.

Association 3 Herissons look forward to the decision of the lawsuit and Ms Merkel's response.

For more details please refer to DW report.