12 Years To Limit Climate Change catastrophe - IPCC Special 1.5oC Report Launch


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A long week discussion among countries, scientists and other stakeholders, the eagerly-anticipated IPCC Special 1.5oC Report, one of the most important scientific reports we have ever seen, is finally launched. There are plenty of report and analysis, for example, the Climate Home New listed out "37 things you need to know about 1.5C global warming" from 4 perspectives: understanding 1.5C warming, impacts and threats, pathways to 1.5C, and ramping up action. To be more concise, you need to know at least 8 things as compiled by WRI:

1. A 1.5˚C limit to warming is not safe for all...

2. ...but risks associated with warming are substantially lower at 1.5˚C than 2˚C.

3. Limiting warming to 1.5˚C requires major and immediate transformation.

4. The scale of the required low-carbon transition is unprecedented.

5. "Limiting warming to 1.5˚C" can mean different things-with different results.

6. Emissions will need to reach net-zero around mid-century.

7. All 1.5˚C emissions pathways rely upon carbon removal to some extent.

8. Everyone - countries, cities, the private sector, individuals - will need to strengthen their action, without delay.

Now it's time to turn science to policy and to action. Will emission reduction ambition be raised at the upcoming CO24?