The Future of Antarctic To Be Discussed in Tasmania!


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The Antarctic is a breathtaking world of drifting icebergs, majestic whales and adorable penguins, raising their chicks in freezing conditions. But this isn't only about wildlife: what happens in the Antarctic affects us all. Ocean sanctuaries help to avoid the worst effects of climate change, because healthy oceans take carbon from the air and lock it up on the seafloor, and they ensure food security for billions of people. Scientists agree that we need sanctuaries across at least 30% of our oceans by 2030. Right now, we have the opportunity to create the biggest one on the planet.

In Hobart, Tasmania, from 22 October to 2 November, CCAMLR (Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, or publicly be called the Antarctic Ocean Commission) will meet to discuss a range of Antarctic issues, including considering a proposal to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. This sanctuary, if created, at five times the size of Germany or 200 Yellowstone National Parks, would be the largest protected area on earth. This is the opportunity for governments to create the largest protected area on Earth - an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary - which would be a safe haven for penguins, whales and seals, put the area off-limits to industrial fishing and help to tackle climate change.

The sanctuary was first proposed by the German government and has the backing of the EU. But CCAMLR works on a consensus system, so any one country could block this sanctuary from happening.

Association 3 Herissons wish Germany good luck to get the proposal passed unanimously!