Air Pollution Trapped as the Diesel Bus Drives in the U.K.


It has been reported that a new double-decker diesel-powered bus in the English city of Southampton will filter pollutants from the air as it drives, through its filtration system attached to its roof. It is designed for particle removal efficiency of 99.5 percent without any impact on the passenger or travel experience The Go-Ahead Group chose Southampton as its pilot location after the World Health Organization concluded the city has reached its limit of unsafe air pollution.

"We want this pilot to show that buses should be looked at as not just the solution to congestion in cities, but also as a solution to the air quality problem," David Brown, chief executive of the Go-Ahead Group, the transportation company behind the project, said in a statement. "Imagine the change we could make to air quality if all buses had this technology."

Association 3 Herissons appreciate green intentions and innovations. But we would also like to remind people to always look back at the root cause of problems, like the one for city air pollution. Of course it's a complicated scientific issue. Factors and their contributions varies among cities. But heavy traffics with dirty fuels (like diesel) might be one of the most important factor in urban air pollution. How about we start from better public transportation system, better environment for cyclists and pedestrians, encouragement of transportation sharing and cleaner-energy vehicles? When we turn down the tap, we could start cleaning (e.g. pollutant filtering). First thing should be first.

For more details, please refer to the Yale e-360 report.